A Newly Discovered Asteroid Will Pass Close to Earth Tonight

Its orbit will be even closer than the moon, but its small size poses no danger to our planet.

A small asteroid discovered by NASA last week, will pass between Earth and the Moon tonight (Wednesday 18 to Thursday 19 September). As explained by experts, this rock poses no danger to the planet, due to its small size, from one to three meters in length. In fact, although the Earth to be addressed to fully disintegrate in the atmosphere before hitting the ground.

Astronomers first observed space rock, called RZ53 ‘2013 ‘on Friday. It is expected to pass 230,800 miles away from Earth. NASA explained that at 00.20 hours tomorrow closest approach will occur.

The space rock belonging to the Apollo family of asteroids near Earth, the same group that originated the meteor that exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February. However, the Russian meteor was much bigger than the newly discovered asteroid, as it is estimated to have between 17 and 20 feet wide before it exploded.

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