5Th Grade Essay on Mars

An essay on mars by me as a fifth grader.



“The Red Planet”


A typed report



























   The research project you are holding in your hand is about Mars.  Mars is named after the Roman “god” of war.  Mars is the 4th planet from the sun.  Mars is best known for its craters, volcanoes, its cold temperatures, and the ice discovered at both its poles.  Mars is sometimes visible from Earth with the naked eye.  Mars has a rocky surface.  Some scientists think that Mars was somewhat like Earth, in the past.  Since ice was discovered in Mars, after Earth gets completely worn-out and polluted, we might be able to move to Mars.  The temperature of the planet is always very cold, probably because it is very far from the sun.  The highest and lowest temperatures in Mars are: -87 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius.  (-125 degrees Fahrenheit to -23)  That means the warmest weather in Mars is about what is in Philadelphia on the coldest day.  Mars has 2 moons.  One is Phobos and the other is Deimos.  Phobos is the moon that orbits its planet closer than any other in the Solar System.  Some interesting facts about Mars are:  1- Since there is ice on Mars, there is a possibility that before, a long time ago, that ice was water.  So if there really was water on Mars,(considering that water is life) then that is proof that there could’ve been life on Mars a long time ago. 2- A nickname for Mars is “The Red Planet”.  3- Mars has volcanoes that are 100 times bigger than the biggest volcanoes here on Earth.  If the volcanoes were active, then   Mars   would


probably be called “Lava Land”.  (Not really) 4-  When Mars tilts in a certain way that the Sun shines at Mars at a tilted angle, it is said that you can see a human face.  Is this a sign of alien intelligence at work?  Is it only a mere coincidence?  Nobody knows for sure.  5- Our closest approach at Mars was in 2003.  6- A “Martian” year is about 687 Earth days.  7- The distance from the Sun to Mars is 141,633,260 miles.  8-Mars’s diameter is 4,222 miles.  If someone were to ask me: “Hey, would you like to live on Mars?”  Then my response would be no.  If there are Martians (which I seriously doubt) I don’t wanna be zapped by their laser guns or something.  (That’s my lame excuse)  My real reason would be that no, I wouldn’t like to live on Mars because well, its crazy cold there. -125 Degrees Fahrenheit???  Nobody could survive that.  Besides, there’s no oxygen on Mars so nobody can survive either way.  Living with craters all over the place wouldn’t be too nice either.  Also, it is more likely that a meteor will hit your house on Mars than it is here on Earth, and being killed by a meteor that crashed into your house doesn’t sound too good.  But that makes Mars sound like a lame planet so I’ll say the good things about Mars: 1- Maybe someday, when good, drinkable water is running out here in Earth, scientists can invent a way to bring the Martian ice into Earth and melt it so we have more water. 2- Maybe someday we’ll have to move to Mars when Earth becomes too polluted or the ozone layer starts getting  

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  1. Sky Says...

    On June 13, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Well you seem to forget mars barely has an atmosphere so it is highly unlikely we could ever move there unless you made the atmosphere much thicker, also dont add jokes as it takes away from the essay, lastly a few of your facts are wrong, if I remember correctly it has been in the 70s on mars

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